BATL Staff Sunday With Jacki

Meet Jacki, a member of our BATL Axe Throwing Ottawa team. Raised out of Toronto, Jacki came to Ottawa for school in legal studies and HR.

The idea to try BATL Axe Throwing for the first time was sparked by her sisters’ suggestion and grew from a simple event outing to joining a league, and after honing her skills, joining the staff. She was given the name LumberJacki in turn and hasn’t let down anyone’s expectations in her abilities since. Jacki will always greet you with the biggest smile and energy levels through the roof.

When she’s not challenging other staff members to games or running Wednesday league, she’s a jacki-of-all trades in her personal life. Everything from archery tag league, singing, knitting, gaming, or learning the latest K-pop choreography, she’s always looking for more things to do and more friends to make. And we’re happy to have her in the BATL Axe Throwing family.


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“Because, really, who hurls an axe through the air, watching it splinter

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