Hungry, THIRSTY throwers

Good People, Good Drinks, Good Times

Our BATL venues are licensed and many offer great food provided by local partners.
Check your BATL venue below to see what we have to offer.

Local Partners

We work with local food providers in our community. 

Unique Menus

Each venue has it's own  unique beverage and food menu!  

Pre-Order in Advance

You can pre-order food to have it delivered to your lanes!

Picky? Foodie? Bring your own food.

You can bring your own food or have it delivered. No problem. There is a $3 plating fee per person and please make sure it’s prepared off-site.

batl axe throwing cake

Celebrating?! Outside desserts like cakes & cupcakes are cool. Satisfy your sweet tooth. NO plating fee charge.

axe throwing decoration

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