If you’ve enjoyed throwing an axe at BATL at any point, you need to join a league. They’re the perfect excuse to get together with friends, make some new ones, and trash talk each other.

No matter your experience level, you’ll compete individually and receive tips from our coaches.


Print, or save, the BATL 2023 League Calendar and find the league season that's right for you!

BATL Is A Proud Member Of The International Axe Throwing Federation

The International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF) represents the sport of axe throwing on behalf of over 6,000 league members in over 100 cities and 6 countries, with a mandate to promote safety, sportsmanship, and competitive protocol.

Formatted For Fun. And Competition

7 Week Seasons.
12 Months A Year.
$17.85 per person, per week.

League Nights

Sundays: 5pm – 8pm
Monday – Wednesday: 7pm – 10pm

Regular season matches can be rescheduled if absent. The 8th week is playoffs, with the top 16 competitors facing off to crown a season champion.

Go Out On Top

Our 7-week leagues cost $125 +tax. Throw in 2 or more nights and take advantage of a 40% off additional seasons.

League member perks

League membership comes with perks! Including discounts on apparel, events, and running drink specials during League.


For every paid season of league, each league member will receive 2 completely FREE hours of throwing at bATL!


you get Half Arena Lane rentals for you an up to 9 league mates at the reduced price of $60 per hour!


save 40% off your League Season when you bring someone who joins - AND they get 20% off their league member fee.*

Apparel Discount

Get 15% off bATL merch and clothing! this discount does not apply to giftcards or axes purchased through us.

Discounted Event Prices

League members receive 20% off the regular event price. This discount applies to Your whole group!

Drink Specials

Drink specials run during league at all venues, check your local venue for details or ask your League Runner!

Practice Nights

We host open practice nights for $35! they run from 6 PM - 10 PM. If you arrive within the last hour, you throw for $22!**

Champions Honour

League Members who Win a season's playoffs have their names memorialized on their venue “Champs Wall!”

Secure Your Spot

Members come first! our league members always receive the first pick of league nights re sign-up for seasons.

*BATL referral program is only applicable if they have never thrown with BATL axe throwing before. other IATF axe clubs qualify. **practice night time, frequency and availability varies by venue. ask your league runner for additional information.

  • Formatted For Fun And Competition!

Most BATL Leagues (excluding beer or recreational leagues) generate points that put your on the road to the IATC, letting you build your skills and rank-up to compete with the best of the best in axe throwing!

  • Flexible League Nights!

We keep flexible league nights to best fit your schedule. Regular season matches can be rescheduled if absent. The 7th week is playoffs, with the top 16 competitors facing off to crown a season champion.

  • Great Community For experienced and new throwers!

No matter your experience level, you’ll fit in at a BATL League! Our community is all about improvement and support. Compete individually and receive tips from our coaches - and better yet, fellow throwers.

  • Practice Before & After League!

Practice begins an hour before league start time. All leagues that wrap up earlier than 10 PM are welcome to stay for extra practice time and socialization, on late or busy nights post-league practice might be limited.

"Remember times of old,
and legends that were told,
Of family gathered 'round,
as champions were crowned.
We honour them this day,
And pray our axe to stay."

The BATL Oath

Our Axe Throwing Reviews

Not only are we the first, we are the best and we got the ratings to prove it.

The Best Company Party 

Elliot our coach was awesome, informative, great coaching and great fun. Our whole party all had the best time!


Never Thrown? Start here!

Great experience! Highliy reccomend this place to newbies! If you’ve never thrown, this is the place to begin. 



Super fun vibe and very welcoming! I loved it so much I joined the weekly league! Plenty of room for a bigger crowd!





4.9/5 (691 REVIEWS)

4.9/5 (9876 REVIEWS)

5/5 (4953 REVIEWS)

Frequently asked questions:

How do axe throwing events work?

At BATL, we keep things fun for everyone. It’s best to book a reservation ahead of time. When you arrive you’ll be asked to sign-in (using your own phone).

Then one of our expert coaches will go through safety points and show you how all the basics on how to throw. You’ll practice throwing for a bit to get the hang of it. Grab a drink or some food and you’re totally ready!

Do I need to make a reservation?

A reservation is best to make sure you get the time you want. It's super easy to book online - even for same day bookings. If you have questions, you can chat with us online at or email us at

Walk-in/drop-by sessions are available without a reservation during specific scheduled hours. Check out the website for hours at your location.

Are there food and drinks available?

Absolutely! Our BATL locations are licensed. We serve a wide range of beer, wine, ciders, coolers and bar rail drinks (options vary by venue). Cold drinks are also available.

Most locations have a menu of delicious, shareable items served directly to your throwing lanes. Please check the venues page for specific menus and food/drinks availability and advance ordering.

What is the minimum age or other requirements?

The minimum age required to throw is 12. Everyone needs to have closed-toe shoes. Spectators are always welcome (no cost). Our standard waiver needs to be signed by a parent or guardian for any minor (anyone under the age of majority) to participate.

For groups of minors, a parent or guardian needs to stay with the group while they are throwing. No un-waivered minors may be left on BATL premises without their parent or guardian’s supervision.

Why do I need to put down a deposit when booking?

The small deposit reserves your lane, the date and time you asked for! The deposit will be refunded automatically when your event starts! 

When are you open?

We are open for events by advance reservation, same-day reservation and walk-ins. To get the time you want we recommend booking it! Its easy - 3 minutes online. 

Advance reservation will give you the most options for times; while same day booking and walk-in times are more limited. Times vary by location. Please check the location page on this site before you walk-in to confirm we are open!

To find a time available to make a reservation, we’ve made it easy – check out our locations and choose the location you are interested in. All available times are displayed.

Can I cancel or reschedule?

We get it, stuff happens. If you need to cancel or reschedule your event, as long as you give us at least seven days notice, your deposit will be refunded or transferred to your new reservation, whichever you prefer.

If you cancel within one week of your scheduled event date your deposit is not refundable or transferable to a new reservation.

Still have questions?

Our customer service team is happy to help you!

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