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Host Your Christmas Party at BATL Scottsdale

Scottsdale may have a reputation as a travel destination, but it’s also a city brimming with vibrant community, arts, and much more. It’s a city that promises abundant amenities, from vibrant outdoor activities and sports to a thriving downtown and waterfront. The city of over 220,000 inhabitants is known for excellent quality of life mixed with tourist appeal. Not just a city of retirees, people are flocking to Scottsdale for its family friendly reputation. With a buzzing arts and culture scene, many schools that are ranked top in the state, and endless potential for outdoor activity, it’s no wonder that the younger demographic are taking Scottsdale by storm. The downtown area – known as Old Town Scottsdale – is one of the most unique urban downtown centres in the American Southwest. Its pedestrian-friendly streets are home to world class art galleries, museums, restaurants and retail shops. When the sun goes down, the area really shines – with world class bars, restaurants, and nightlife options. Old Town Scottsdale is also known for hosting great events throughout the year such as markets, art walks, festivals, parades, concerts, and block parties. With the last weeks of 2019 upon us, businesses all across Arizona (and North America in general) are scrambling to plan their last minute holiday season corporate outings. It’s never too late to start planning, after all. There are many things to consider when planning a corporate group outing for you and your team to ensure a memorable time for everybody involved. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for team-building activities. But by paying attention to the everyday routine of your team, getting employees involved in planning, and asking strategic questions, you can keep the eye rolls to a minimum. With all these things considered, where do you go next? Gone are the days of traditional staff get togethers – and nothing quite breaks tradition like axe throwing. BATL was founded in a Toronto backyard back in 2006. What started as a personal passion sparked by a camping trip soon spread through word of mouth in Toronto, and today nearly 2 million people have experienced the thrill of throwing axes. The Backyard Axe Throwing League has never been more accessible and now boasts 16 venues across North America (Toronto, Kitchener, Pickering, Niagara Falls, Hamilton, Ottawa, and Calgary in Canada and Novi, Chicago, Houston, Orlando, Scottsdale and Nashville in the United States – not to mention more venues set to open in 2020). Want to know what BATL Scottsdale is all about? We’ve got you covered. The History of Axe Throwing The sport of axe throwing was established in 2006 in the Toronto backyard of Matt Wilson. What started as a personal passion sparked by a camping trip with friends soon spread through word-of-mouth in Toronto. Matt Wilson spent his career learning the ropes of the hospitality business in Toronto, which enabled the creation of the first-ever urban axe throwing venue in Toronto, The Backyard Axe Throwing League. Urban axe throwing is comprised of ‘arenas,’ which are similar to a cross between a batting cage and bowling alley, with private space for groups of any size. BATL, The Backyard Axe Throwing League The Backyard Axe Throwing League’s mission is to show people the power of being good to each other, using the axe as a tool to build community inspired by the background roots. Matt Wilson’s BATL is the first organization in the world to offer an urban venue to experience the thrill of indoor axe throwing. Today over 1 million people have experienced the thrill of the sport across the globe. With the success of BATL in the Greater Toronto Area, expansion was possible into Detroit, Pickering, Hamilton, London, Calgary, Ottawa, Kitchener-Waterloo, Nashville, Niagara Falls, and Chicago. This has encouraged and excited celebrities and television show segments such as; Hockey Wives, Grand Opry’s Another Round, Ruby Rose, Vin Diesel, Gerard Butler, George Parros, Clive Standen, Hannibal Buress, and many more. What To Expect During A To BATL Scottsdale At BATL, we stand by the belief that throwing an epic party should be fun and simple. BATL Premium private event packages run for 1.5 hours and are run in the safe and comfortable environment that BATL has become famous for. You’ll be in the hands of our expertly trained staff, who also happen to be the best axe throwers in the planet. They will run you and your guests through training to ensure that you’re all sticking bullseyes before launching you into a round robin tournament, followed by a playoff (in order to crown a champion, of course). A little friendly competition is a key to a team building outing so if you’re looking for the perfect event for your next corporate party in Scottsdale, look no further than BATL. We offer flexible food options and private space to fit any Christmas party’s needs. Trophies and streetwear are available as add-ons for an even more personal touch. Private events cost $35 – $42 + tax per person and are perfectly suited to adult birthday parties, corporate team building events, and bachelor/bachelorette parties. BATL Casual is perfect if you’re looking for a casual way to get involved with the sport of axe throwing. All BATL venues offer public walk-in sessions (no reservations required) every weekend. It’s the perfect way to test the water when it comes to axe throwing, with little commitment. Our expert coaches are on hand to guide you the whole way, so whether you’re new to the sport or looking to hone in on your skill BATL has you covered. BATL Casual is offered on Friday: 7PM – 9PM*, Saturday: 12PM – 2PM, and Sunday: 2PM – 4PM. *We also offer BATL Casual from 5PM – 11PM Friday (Nashville Only). BATL League Play is suited to those who just can’t get enough axe throwing. It’s the perfect excuse to get together with friends, make a few new ones and enjoy a little competition along the way. With no experience necessary you’ll compete individually while receiving tips from our friendly coaches – and plenty of time to hang out between throwing. Our calendar culminates in the International Axe Throwing Championship, with qualifying players competing against the best throwers globally for the Wilson Cup and $25000 in prize money. BATL Premium private event bookings are available 7 days a week, from 11:00AM to 11:00PM. That means no matter what time is best suited for your staff holiday outing, we’ll be ready for you. Learn more about hosting your Christmas party at BATL Scottsdale, and make your next staff outing one to remember.
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Premier Axe Throwing Destination In Nashville

For country-music fans and wannabe songwriters all over the world, a trip to Nashville is the ultimate pilgrimage. Since the 1920s the city has been attracting musicians, who have taken the country genre from the ‘hillbilly music’ of the early 20th century to the slick ‘Nashville sound’ of the 1960s to the punk-tinged alt-country of the 1990s. Nashville’s many musical attractions range from the Country Music Hall of Fame to the revered Grand Ole Opry to Jack White’s niche record label. It also has a lively university community and a blistering hot restaurant scene. On top of that, Nashville has now surpassed Las Vegas as the most popular Bachelor/Bachelorette party destination in North America. If you need a break from bachelorette party shenanigans, you can step outside for natural distractions aplenty. An ever-growing network of pedestrian and bike-friendly greenways links Nashville’s city parks, which unfurl over rolling hills and lush riparian landscapes. B-Cycle bike-rental stations are conveniently placed at greenway trailheads. Nature and outdoor centers inside the larger parks offer kid-friendly activities and nature walks. In total, the city park system sprawls across more than 12,000 acres in 108 parks. Kayaking and canoeing trips on the gentle Harpeth River are well-suited to families. Simply put: Nashville is the place to be. Thinking about axe throwing as part of your Nashville experience? Look no further. BATL (the Backyard Axe Throwing League) is not only the premier axe throwing destination in North America, we’re also the pioneers of the sport. Bringing the sport of urban axe throwing to the masses since 2006, we’re the foremost authority on the thrilling pastime that’s taken the world by storm. Wondering who we are and just how we started? Learn a little bit more about BATL, the Backyard Axe Throwing League. When we at BATL pioneered the sport of urban axe throwing back in 2006 in a downtown Toronto backyard, we had no idea how far it would reach – but we knew it was something that just about anyone would enjoy. We were right. From our humble beginnings, the Backyard Axe Throwing League quickly outgrew its own backyard, and went on to open 10 locations across Canada over the course of a few years. In 2017, BATL stepped across the border to open our very first location in the United States. We partnered with Throw Nashville to bring BATL’s brand of urban axe throwing to Music City, and that would mark the beginning of our US growth. Opened in 2017, BATL Nashville quickly began turning heads in the state of Tennessee. It didn’t take long for us to become part of our community, and have gone on to offer so much more than axe throwing. For one, BATL Nashville has played host to numerous groups of veterans, offering axe throwing as a form of therapy. Nashville’s Fox17 News got wind of what we were doing and shed some light on it in a recent article: “Therapy comes in various forms, according to Jonathan League, the general manager of BATL, The Backyard Axe Throwing League. BATL has grown in the past decade from Canada to several locations nationwide. League, a veteran as well, partnered with the founder to open a location in Music City. While League built his first target, he says a friend…”Was completely changed. He didn’t need drugs or a long talk. He just needed to throw an ax.” If you’re wondering how a trip to BATL can be incorporated into your next outing in Nashville, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. BATL offers many ways to get involved with the urban sport of axe throwing, which means finding the right option is as easy as hitting a bullseye. We offer: League Play: It’s no secret that the foundations of BATL start with our axe throwing leagues. Thousands strong we show the power of being good to each other, using the axe as a tool to build community inspired by our backyard roots. Our axe throwing leagues run for 8 weeks, completely under the guidance of our resident axe gurus. Each season consists of round-robin style tournament play, where you’ll throw 28 games against other people in the league, culminating in a top 16 double elimination playoff on week 8. Our leagues are suitable for people of all skill levels, with staff on hand at all times ready to give you tips and tricks to make sure that you’re hitting the bullseye. League play falls under the International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF) umbrella, the world’s foremost governing body of the sport of axe throwing (of which BATL is a founding member). Being part of the NATF also gives you access to the most advanced statistic tracking in the sport of urban axe throwing. BATL Casual: If you’re looking for a casual way to get involved with the sport of axe throwing, all BATL venues offer public walk-in sessions (no reservations required) every weekend. It’s the perfect way to test the water when it comes to axe throwing, with little commitment. Our expert coaches are on hand to guide you the whole way, so whether you’re new to the sport or looking to hone in on your skill BATL has you covered. BATL Casual is offered on Friday: 7PM – 9PM*, Saturday: 12PM – 2PM, and Sunday: 2PM – 4PM. *We also offer BATL Casual from 5PM – 11PM Friday (Nashville Only). Private Axe Throwing Event Bookings: BATL offers private event bookings that last 1.5 hours for groups of 6 and up. You’ll get the same thing that BATL has become famous for the best one on one instruction from our skilled and friendly staff members, followed by a round-robin style tournament, single-elimination playoff, and big axe practice – all orchestrated by our staff, leaving you with nothing to do but throw axes and enjoy the company of your guests. These parties are perfectly suited to any adult gatherings (bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate team building, adult birthdays, etc) and many BATL locations offer complete bar and food services, which means even less planning for you. So whether you live in the Nashville area, or plan on visiting Music City with some friends, stop by BATL Nashville (located at 1302 Gallatin Avenue) and experience the best axe throwing that Tenessee has to offer!
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Free Axe Throwing at BATL

Take some stress off this holiday season! One bullseye at a time. Join us Wednesday, December 11 to throw for free anytime between 6 – 10 pm (local) at every BATL location!  Save-the-date on Facebook! Date: Wednesday, December 11, 2019 Time: 6 pm to 10 pm Open Locations: Calgary, 2151 32 St NE #80 Chicago, 4842 W Irving Park Rd Hamilton, 80 James St N Houston Heights, 1431 W 20th St Unit B Kitchener, 69 Agnes St London, 40 Adelaide St N Unit 2 Nashville, 1302 Gallatin Ave Niagara Falls, 4437 Queen St Novi, 44175 West 12 Mile Road suite f-141 Ottawa, 2615 Lancaster Rd #29 Orlando, 55 W Church St Suite 113 Pickering, 813 Brock Rd #11 Scottsdale, 7919 E Thomas Rd #102 Toronto Port Lands, 33 Villiers St Toronto Stockyards 30 Weston Rd Unit C109  
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