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Axe Throwing As The Perfect Christmas Party

by Diane Stolte 0 comments


“Because, really, who hurls an axe through the air, watching it splinter into the wooden target, and doesn’t feel like a god?”  Nashville web blog The All I Need sums up the unique feeling experienced when throwing an axe in their latest article, and suggest a trip to The Backyard Axe Throwing League as the perfect setting for your Christmas party.

BATL is the perfect venue for any party – not just a Christmas event!  We’re perfectly suited to host your bachelor/bachelorette, retirement, team building events, and everything else in between.  In addition to private events, all 12 BATL venues across North America also offer walk-in public axe throwing each and every weekend, as well as our world-renowned weekly axe throwing leaguesFind a venue nearest you and Join the BATL!

The All I Need

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