Bold Experiences at BATL Axe Throwing in Pickering, Ontario

Welcome to BATL Axe Throwing, the ultimate destination for axe throwing and hatchet throwing events in Pickering, Ontario. As the premier axe throwing venue in the area, we invite you to join us for an exhilarating experience like no other. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of axe throwing as we showcase the unique features, thriving league community, and unmatched excitement that await you at BATL Pickering.

Unforgettable Axe Throwing Events in Pickering, Ontario:

When it comes to axe throwing in Pickering, Ontario, BATL Axe Throwing is second to none. Our venue offers a premium experience for axe enthusiasts, whether you're a seasoned thrower or trying it for the first time. Conveniently located in Pickering, we bring the thrill of axe throwing to your community. With our focus on providing the best axe throwing experience in the area, BATL Pickering ensures that you find us easily when searching for exciting "axe throwing events" or "hatchet throwing" in Pickering Ontario.

Experience the BATL Axe Throwing Difference

Urban Axe Throwing started in Toronto in 2006 as the Backyard Axe Throwing League and today, BATL Axe Throwing has 17 Locations in cities across North America.  But the roots in the Greater GTA are still solid! BATL Pickering opened its doors in 2014, establishing a legacy of excitement and unforgettable moments. As the Pickering General Manager, Dan McCron, shared, running a premium experience allows us to have the best interactions with guests and create a bold fun-filled atmosphere. Our expert staff, including Dan himself, go the extra mile, and give guests plenty of instruction but also help them to experience the thrill and challenge on their own with party events, date nights, or team get-togethers. Our private lanes and commitment to our guests allow natural conversations but also provides an opportunity to discuss our leagues, axe throwing culture, and the vibrant community that thrives at BATL Pickering.

A Spacious Venue Tailored for Axe Throwing Events

One of the favorite things about our venue, as mentioned by Dan McCron, is its size. With 8,700 sq ft of space, BATL Pickering offers ample room for axe throwers to perfect their skills and enjoy a remarkable experience. Our well-designed 28 axe throwing arenas provide plenty of space for friendly competition, special occasions, and corporate events. The spaciousness extends to our bar area, where extra fridges and amenities enhance your overall enjoyment. However, as Dan humorously points out, the only downside is that there's too much space for storage, which keeps everyone else happy!

Our BATL Pickering venue was the first location to ever obtain a liquor license, marking the moment we were finally able to officially marry axes to beer! Today, they offer an amazing selection of drinks from classic favorites to local craft brews. Nothing goes down better than a beer after a bullseye!

Home of the International Axe Throwing Championships

BATL Pickering proudly stands as the home of the highly anticipated International Axe Throwing Championships (IATC). In 2023, this remarkable venue will once again play host to the world's top throwers as they gather and compete for the prestigious Wilson Cup. This annual tournament of champions showcases the pinnacle of skill, determination, and passion in the world of axe throwing. For more details on this exhilarating event, or to get your Spectator Tickets and join the party, visit the International Axe Throwing Federation, the governing body that oversees the championship. Be prepared to witness the awe-inspiring talent and fierce competition as the world's best axe throwers gather at BATL Pickering to vie for the glory and honor of claiming the Wilson Cup.

Join our Vibrant League Community

BATL Pickering is not just a venue; it's a thriving community of passionate axe throwers. Our leagues bring together individuals who share a love for the sport, and we take great pride in our warm and welcoming environment. Our dedicated league community, as Dan McCron highlights, is not only committed but also proud to represent BATL Pickering, “they are very warm and welcoming to any new throwers that join leagues. A lot of my staff have come from leaguers that throw and love it so much that they end up coming into the fold on the employee side.” Whether you're a seasoned league participant or a newcomer, you'll find a supportive community that embraces newcomers with open arms.

Unleash Your Inner Lumberjack at BATL Pickering

When it comes to axe throwing events, social parties, date nights, and corporate teambuilding in Pickering, Ontario, BATL Axe Throwing is your go-to destination. Experience the thrill, precision, and adrenaline of axe throwing as you unleash your inner lumberjack and let the stress of the week fall off. Our strategic focus on providing unforgettable axe throwing experiences ensures that you find us easily when searching for an exciting adventure in Pickering, Ontario.

BATL Axe Throwing in Pickering, Ontario offers an unrivaled experience for axe throwing enthusiasts and those looking to try something unique. Discover the excitement, camaraderie, and adrenaline that await you at our 8,700 sq ft venue with 28 well-equipped axe throwing arenas. Join our vibrant league community and unlock your axe throwing potential with the guidance of our experienced staff, led by General Manager Dan McCron. 

Experience the BATL difference and embrace your inner lumberjack as you embark on a thrilling adventure at BATL Axe Throwing in Pickering, Ontario, the ultimate destination for unforgettable axe throwing events.  If you're ready to Be Bold and try something unique, click below and book your event in less than 2 minutes!


Welcome to BATL Axe Throwing, the ultimate destination for axe throwing and

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