How to Throw Axes

Learning How To Throw Axes IS AS EASY as Aim, Step, Release.

At BATL, every event you book first comes with teaching you the basics on how to throw axes by our award winning staff. And if you chose BATL Premium, you get a 2 hour tournament-style event with a dedicated coach to coach your throws the whole time, plus learn to throw the "Big Axe".

Axe Throwing is not about strength, athleticism, or size, and we have proven that with throwers from 12 - 80, blind throwers, and even have member that throw from a wheelchair.

Want to learn how to throw axes?  Read on!

Want to just get right to the practice and play?

How To Throw: The Points System?

Axe throwing is like darts. Except with axes. And the scoring system is different. And there’s a thing called a ‘clutch’. Ok it’s not really like darts at all, but it's easy to learn how to throw axes with BATL.

1 Point

3 Points

5 Points

7 Points

Scoring in axe throwing at BATL is simple.  A standard round consists of 3 matches each with 5 throws.  Two players throwing at the same time and count their points to declare a winner.

In each standard match, players can aim for the 1, 3, or 5 -Bullseye, and on the 5th and final throw players can "call" for a clutch - worth 7 points.

Players that score a perfect round - 3 perfect matches consisting of 4 bullseyes and a clutch in each - can claim to have achieved a perfect 81 Point Game!  A truly coveted achievement!

BATL Axe Throwing is a proud founding member if the International Axe Throwing Federation and we score based on their point system. To learn more about the standard rules for competitive axe throwing, click here.

Learning To Throw: Your axe throwing stance

It’s always good to start with the basics of how to throw an axe. The tips below will help you get ready to throw your axe:

  • It’s important to stand with your non-dominant foot forward, in order to create balance with your dominant leg.
  • When you’re throwing, it’s important to remember two things: lean in, and follow through.
  • Keep your arms straight and your eyes level with the target on the board. This will keep you focused, and help you with aiming.
  • Always remember that axe throwing isn't about power, it's finesse, and contrary to the name you're doing less throwing and more releasing.

Learning to AIM YOUR AXE

Now that you’ve got your stance, the next step is to aim your axe. These are some things to keep in mind:

  • Keep your eyes on the target – look directly at where you want the axe to go, and throw!
  • Aiming is all muscle memory, so try to replicate your motions every time you have a successful throw.
  • Breathe!

Two-Handed Throwing Technique: This is the standard technique that we’ve been teaching our guests since 2006. Keep these things in mind when throwing with two hands:

  • Place your dominant hand at the bottom of the axe.
  • Wrap your other hand around your dominant hand.
  • Keep your thumbs off the back of your axe.
  • Bring the axe all the way back.
  • Lean in all the way forward while releasing your axe.
  • Remember you're releasing, not throwing.

One-Handed Throwing Technique: We always recommend starting with two hands, but there is a certain allure to the one-handed throw. Keep these things in mind when throwing with one hand:

  • Keep your thumb off the back of the axe.
  • Keep your elbow in.
  • Don’t bring your arm across your body when releasing (like a baseball pitcher).
  • Less is more. You don’t have to throw your hardest.

If you keep these things in mind, you’ll be hitting bullseyes in no time. Now that you have a grasp of the basics of axe throwing, you just need to figure out what date works best to throw your party at BATL Axe Throwing.

How to Throw THE "BIG AXE"

One more thing – the big axe. It’s one of the most exciting parts of axe throwing, but can also be one of the most daunting. But really, it’s just like throwing a hatchet. So if you’re stepping up to throw the big axe, here are some tips to help you master it:

  • Always use both hands on the axe, stacked on the handle like you’re holding a baseball bat with your dominant hand on top.
  • The big axe takes longer to rotate – you’ll need to stand back five feet from the hatchet throwing line.
  • It’s important to bring the axe all the way back, to generate more power due to the weight.
  • Aim high!

If you really want to learn how to throw the "Big Axe", you want to book a BATL Premium event, where you get both a tournament-style event and some time to throw with our "Big Axe"!

Adjusting Your Throw: There’s always a learning curve when learning a new skill. It’s helpful to identify issues and correct your throw as you learn. These are some possible adjustments you can make:

  • Stand further or closer to adjust axe rotation issues.
  • Move your stance from left to right to compensate for accuracy.
  • Adjusting your power levels to improve your control.

BATL offers many ways to get involved with axe throwing, suited to any and every event, but if you really want the all-star experience and the fastest way to learning how to throw axes, choose a Premium Event for your group.  Or join a BATL League!


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