BATL Staff Sunday With Scott

Meet Scott Tiller, a resident axe guru/hunk at our BATL Axe Throwing Toronto locations

Around here, we call him Big Guy – which might explain why he calls us all Dad.  Scott hails from Truro, Nova Scotia.  The whole time he was telling us where he was from we thought he was talking about Mexican desserts, but apparently, it’s a town, too.  You can find Scott teaching newbies the way of the axe almost any day of the week, except for Sunday – that’s the day he reserves to throw his own axes and punish other league members.

When Scott isn’t throwing axes, you can find him doing just about everything else.  He bangs hard, and by that we mean he’s an extremely talented drummer (his band Sun K is currently on a Canadian tour right now, check them out if you can!).  

He’s also been known to create some mean ice cream flavours, he can do way more than 10 push ups at a time, and he can really run the bases when playing baseball.  

We love you, Big Guy!


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