Our 8 week seasons run 12 months a year. Get on the waitlist for next available season near you.

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You might lose. But you’ll have fun doing it.

If you’ve enjoyed throwing an axe at BATL at any point, you need to join a league. They’re the perfect excuse to get together with friends, make some new ones, and trash talk each other.

No matter your experience level, you’ll compete individually and receive tips from our coaches.
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BATL is a proud member of the International Axe Throwing Federation

The International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF) represents the sport of axe throwing on behalf of over 6,000 league members in over 100 cities and 6 countries, with a mandate to promote safety, sportsmanship, and competitive protocol. Learn more about the IATF.

Formatted for fun. And competition.

8 Week Seasons.
12 Months A Year.
$16 per person, per week.

L E A G U E  N I G H T S
Sundays: 5pm – 8pm
Monday – Wednesday: 7pm – 10pm

Regular season matches can be rescheduled if absent. The 8th week is playoffs, with the top 16 competitors facing off to crown a season champion.

Go out on top.

$16/week per person.

Our 8-week leagues cost $128 +tax with payment options available as low as $16/week. Throw in 2 or more nights and take advantage of a 40% off additional seasons.

Throw more, save more.

Yearly membership: $599 per person

Throw axes til your arms fall off. Play in as many league nights as you want over a 12-month period. Contact your nearest venue for full information.

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What else do you get?

Glad you asked. When you’re not hurling axes, you also get tips from our coaches, time to hang out, and food and drink at select locations.


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The BATL Oath

New Oath for league play is launched! We hope you love it!

League players gave us feedback that it would be good to update the Oath (which was launched in 2006). We agreed – it needed to be more gender inclusive. So we are pumped to say that we listened to your feedback and the revised Oath is here and ready for leagues! This revised Oath will be used across BATL for all leagues going forward.

You will still recognize the original Oath energy and phrasing but we think it is an improved version being gender neutral and better reflecting the focus on community, people, and competition.

To learn more about the Oath and its history click here

Remember times of old,
And legends that were told,
Of family gathered ‘round,
As Champions were crowned
We honour them this day,
And pray our axe to stay.

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Asset: Quote

What a great night we had. Elliot our coach was awesome, informative, great coaching and great fun. Our whole party all had the best time, and would love to do it again


Stopped by the open session to throw. Picked up the throws pretty easy thanks to coach Jeremy. My son and I had a great time. He showed us some games to play and explained everything clearly. For a first time the hour we spent was sufficient. Will come back.


Walked in at the last minute, Jen and Chantal told us walk in time had passed, but that they were gonna squeeze us in so we could try axe throwing for the first time! Thanks for the hospitality and the great service!


Excellent, helpful, and professional staff assisted our large group and helped make our night that much more fun. our group is booking another event soon and can’t wait to go again!

Freddy Durfel

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When is league starting?

Check with your local venue. US venues are currently running leagues, Canadian venues please look for an update as lockdowns lift.

What's happening with IATC this year?

Check out the announcement on the IATF news page about announcements.

What happens with my annual pass I purchased before the COVID shutdown?

Annual passes are valid for 5 seasons of league, typically this would mean that you would be re-purchasing your pass around the same time each year. BATL will still honour 5 consecutive seasons of league per pass, (resuming after your home venue begins leagues again) Expiration will vary depending on the purchase date.

What happens to my Season 2 payment from March 2020?

BATL plans on honoring all previously paid season fees as the new season begins. If you for some reason are unable to return to league the first season we restart your credit can carry over to when you are able to return. Refunds are also possible if you are not able to return.

How are you going to make the league safe during COVID-19?

Your safety is a priority. Steps we have taken to help keep everyone safer include:

  • Physical distancing enforced
  • Mask requirement
  • Enhanced sanitization of all public areas and axes
  • Throwing groups are separated by lanes
  • Group sizes and venue capacity is limited
  • Payment by debit and credit card

We continue to follow guidance from government and local health authorities on operating safely. Click here for more information on our safety protocols.

For league specifically, some venues may do early/late leagues to allow everyone to throw on the same nights without breaking capacity.

What should I do if I have any questions or concerns?

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COVID-19 Response

Everyone’s health is our top priority. We encourage the BATL family to practice these precautions. We look forward to re-opening and seeing you all again as soon as possible. 
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Advanced Statistics and The IATF

Advanced statistic tracking (http://axescores.com) is provided to all members of the National Axe Throwing Federation and is by far the most sophisticated axe throwing metric tracking system available in the sport of urban axe throwing. When using the Axe Scores app, you can monitor and and run league play while keeping track of just about everything. Stats include (but aren't limited to): average scores per match and per axe, high scores, rubber matches played, perfect games and matches (both natural and supernatural), and many more.
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