BATL Staff Sunday With Mike Tanton

Meet Mike Tanton, a staff member at our BATL Kitchener location. Mike (aka DeathWish, aka Axel Throse, Pro-Wrestler extraordinaire) was first introduced to the realm of axe throwing in the summer of 2012 by his best friend Krystina Seymour at the original Sterling location in Toronto.

Mike, being a competitive spirit, quickly took to this strange, new sport, and began asking around if they were considering opening a new location in his hometown of Kitchener/Waterloo. Flash forward to Spring 2015, and to Mike’s amazement, a BATL Axe Throwing location actually opened within walking distance of his humble abode.

That being said, he views as 50km or less walking distance…if he were born 30 years earlier, he’d be a Postal Worker with many medals and commendations. He immediately applied, interviewed, and secured a position as a Coach/Event Leader, a position he holds to this day.

In the 3 years BATL Kitchener has existed, Mike has won 1 league championship, a Wild Card tournament, painted logos/designs at several BATL locations, and, most importantly, met and connected with a plethora of different, unique, special humans, both from within the NATF, the National Axe Throwing Federation universe and out. Thanks for being a part of the team, Mike. #BATLstaffsunday

Two Throwing Axes on a Target

Two axes just make it into the bullseye of a BATL axe throwing target


Welcome to BATL Axe Throwing, the ultimate destination for axe throwing and

​$4600 Prize Money Axe Throwing Tournament ​With IATC 2023 coming up fast,

“Because, really, who hurls an axe through the air, watching it splinter

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