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BATL Staff Sunday With Mary

by Diane Stolte 0 comments


Meet Mary, a coach at our BATL Toronto location.  Mary applied to an online posting on a whim and threw her first axe the following week. That first axe, and the twenty or so that followed were terrible, but joining Monday Black League at Villiers helped with that. Almost two years later, what she thought would be just another part time job at the Backyard Axe Throwing League has become a passion, and she’s still excited to come to work each day–especially after a morning shift at her other boring retail job.  Seriously, throwing axes after five hours of customer service is nothing if not therapeutic.

On her few weekends off, you can find Mary pursuing her other passion cosplaying as Harley Quinn, the X-Men, and more at various local comic and anime conventions. She also recently guested in a series of YouTube cosplay videos, and occasionally blog about comic book movies.   Glad to have you on the team, Mary!

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