Style Democracy Recommends BATL For Your Bachelorette Party

With wedding planning season in full swing, website Style Democracy put together a list of unique bachelorette party destinations that will leave an impression on your guests – and naturally, a trip to BATL Axe Throwing is a must. 

“If your bride-to-be isn’t much of a girly girl, you’ll want something out of the ordinary like axe throwing. While the activity looks easy, it takes strength and precision, but at BATL, each private party is hosted by a coach who will guide you before starting your tournament.”  

You can read the full list here.

BATL Axe Throwing has 18 locations across North America, so finding a location close to you is easier than ever.  

Our private axe throwing events last 1.5 hours, and our skilled and dedicated coaching staff (the best in the business) will train you the ways of the axe before throwing you and your friends into a round-robin style tournament followed by a playoff in order to crown a champion.  Let BATL Axe Throwing play host to your bachelorette party for an outing that you and your guests won’t soon forget!


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Last week, BATL Axe Throwing Toronto had the privilege of hosting Canadian country music

Canadian country music website Complete Country recently visited BATL Axe Throwing Toronto with Canadian country music

“Because, really, who hurls an axe through the air, watching it splinter