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League Member Profile With Nick Bolhuis

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Meet league member Nick Bolhuis. Bolhuis joined the very first season of Ottawa Tuesday Black on week 2 and hasn’t missed a day of axe throwing since (he’s got the 2017 Attendance award to prove it). Bolhuis works as an electrician by day, a trade that lets him use his hands and knack for solving puzzles daily. When he’s not throwing in one of his two leagues, he spends his time crafting custom axes for his fellow league members.

What started out as a fun pass time for himself, has turned into a staple of the BATL Ottawa league scene. Simply painting axes haven’t been enough for Bolhuis, he’s constantly searching for new techniques to create with. These include upcycling a microwave into a lightning machine and forging his own axe head in a campfire. Bolhuis is also down for a strong beer and a chat about the DC universe, his D+D Universe and new board games. And did we mention he was saved from his burning apartment by his handsome cat Balthazar? We’re happy to have him as part of the family, Ottawa wouldn’t be the same without Bolhuis at the Backyard Axe Throwing League!

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