BATL Toronto Listed As Top Birthday Destination

“Learn how to be a real Canadian lumberjack this year by taking part in axe throwing on your special day.”

That’s advice we can’t argue with, taken from web blog Narcity Toronto’s list of top ways to celebrate your next adult birthday party.  The BATL Axe Throwing has been hosting unforgettable birthday parties for 10+ years, and the appeal is obvious!  

By booking a private event with BATL Axe Throwing, you get dedicated staff members (the best axe throwers in the world, no less) teaching you one on one the ways of the axe, where you’ll be sticking bullseyes in no time, followed by a round robin tournament and playoff.

With 18 locations across North America and counting, it’s never been easier to come throw axes with us.  So the next time you and your friends are figuring out a unique way to spend your birthday, visit a venue nearest you and join the BATL!


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Last week, BATL Axe Throwing Toronto had the privilege of hosting Canadian country music

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“Because, really, who hurls an axe through the air, watching it splinter