BATL Staff Sunday With Drew

Meet Drew “Dookie” Neville. 

Dookie is a beloved manager at BATL Yorkdale. He grew up in rural southern Ontario, but decided to leave that life behind and head for the big city. There, he embraced Toronto life and found axe throwing through his roommate.

Dookie is a wicked thrower, and if he’s not at the BATL Axe Throwing, you can find him skateboarding around the city, listening to classic rock, playing Dungeons and Dragons, building stuff or reading…probably something about D and D.

 He has a heart of gold and a head of luscious locks that would make anyone jealous.

Next time you’re at BATL, ask for Dookie and take a few minutes to talk philosophy or Tolkien with him over a stout, cause he’s awesome.

Clinking two axes together before a competitive throw


Welcome to BATL Axe Throwing, the ultimate destination for axe throwing and

​$4600 Prize Money Axe Throwing Tournament ​With IATC 2023 coming up fast,

Last week, BATL Axe Throwing Toronto had the privilege of hosting Canadian country music

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