Celebrate Your Next Birthday Axe Throwing At BATL!

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Looking for a new idea to celebrate a birthday that everyone will enjoy?   If bowling, paintball, or escape rooms have already been done, or if you’re looking for a fun activity for an entire group no matter what their age, skill or fitness level, then join us for axe throwing.

We believe that throwing an epic party should be fun AND simple. That’s why our axe throwing birthday and event packages include axe throwing, flexible food and drink options and a private axe throwing space to fit your party’s needs.  Trophies and streetwear are available as add-ons for an even more personal touch.

Things begin with practice and axe throwing instruction (no experience necessary!) from BATL’s expert coaches before starting a round-robin and group playoff tournament.

Each venue offers the best facilities for people of all abilities to compete and have fun.  Our axe throwing ‘arenas’ are similar to a cross between a batting cage and bowling alley, with private space for groups of any size, and a music selection that makes every visit amazing.

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Entertaining & Fun Birthday Party Ideas

Struggling with an idea for your next birthday party? Looking for something different that will shake up your routine? Axe throwing is a fun birthday party idea that works for women and men of all ages.

Here are 5 Reasons why axe throwing birthday parties are a great idea!

Here are 5 reasons why an axe throwing birthday party is a great idea!

  • Create friendly competition with friends
  • Anyone can participate no matter their athletic ability or age
  • Learn how to throw an axe
  • Can bring food and drinks to make it a real party!
  • Take some wicked photos you will want to share with friends (especially the slow motion shot)
  • Convenient locations in major cities across Canada & the US

No matter which birthday you’re celebrating, axe throwing is a fun an engaging activity that anyone can learn! While it may seem like an extreme sport, you’ll quickly find that it’s easy to do and offers extreme fun! 

What’s In An Axe Throwing Birthday Party Package

When you book an adult birthday party package at BATL, you get access to axe throwing lanes, axes and of course, an experienced instructor and dedicated score keepers! You’ll be throwing axes in our ‘arenas’, which are like a batting cage and bowling alley Frankenstein’d into one way more awesome experience.

Our team of staff will provide coaching and practice, round robin tournament, championship and big axe throws and a 110% epic party.

Book Your Adult Birthday Party Today at BATL!

Looking for adult birthday party ideas that your friends can really get excited about? Book an axe throwing party today at your local BATL location and stop worrying that your next birthday party won’t be fun.

No matter the season or the location, our staff will make sure your birthday party a blast! We will teach you how to throw an axe, and make sure everyone can participate in this exciting activity before organizing a tournament for your group.

Look, axe throwing makes us all hungry and thirsty.

Our locations have fully licensed bars and kitchens. We’ll pause for applause. We offer a selection of local beers, wine, and coolers, as well as a delicious shareable food menu in partnership with local providers. So yeah, we’re killing it.

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