Top Bachelor or Bachelorette Party Destination Ideas

The nice weather is finally upon us, which means that wedding season is kicking into full gear. If you’re planning a bachelor or bachelorette party this summer, the choices in this day and age are limitless.

With new event destinations that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests popping up all the time, deciding what is right for your bachelor/bachelorette party can be difficult.

We’ve put together a list of our top-rated destinations to ensure that your party will be the talk of the town including a trip to BATL Axe Throwing.


It’s well known that the days of traditional bachelor/bachelorette parties are over, and people are looking for new and exciting ways to celebrate with their friends. A trip to the BATL Axe Throwing is the perfect unique setting to host your next bachelor/bachelorette party.

Since our inception in 2006, BATL Axe Throwing has played host to hundreds of bachelor parties, each one guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on all guests. We pioneered the sport of urban axe throwing, so it comes as no surprise that we’re the best at what we do. With 18 locations across North America including one of our newest locations in Nashville, which is a very popular city to host bachelor and bachelorette parties! You can find the rest of our locations in Toronto, Pickering, Ottawa, Kitchener, London, Niagara Falls, Calgary, and Hamilton in Canada; and Chicago and Novi/Detroit in the US) it’s never been easier to find a BATL Axe Throwing near you.

Each venue can host groups of 2 and up, and your private booking with us lasts from 1-2.5 hours and includes one on one training with our resident axe gurus, followed by a round-robin style tournament and single-elimination playoff. Axe throwing is an inclusive sport, and it’s easy to excel at any age, gender, or ability – which makes it suited for both bachelor and bachelorette gatherings. Most of our locations are fully licensed and offer a variety of food and alcohol, which means you can leave the planning to us and focus on having fun.

Find a location near you, and make sure your bachelor or bachelorette party includes a stop at BATL Axe Throwing!


Live music producers have been pushing the boundaries of the “festival experience” with the explosion of live music events happening all over the world – especially in the summer. Many festivals have become weekend-long events that include places to stay and a diverse range of food options and activities. By finding a music festival with a diverse line-up, you can be sure to keep both guys and girls entertained. Spend a day or a whole weekend with your closest group enjoying music on the breeze, great food and drink, and sometimes even games and rides. If you plan to spend a weekend camping (or glamping) at a festival, call the festival ahead of time to reserve a spot just for your group as some permit reserved group camping. Don’t miss some great live music at the Calgary Stampede near BATL Calgary and Riot Fest near BATL Chicago.


Why go out when you can stay home? The best thing about throwing an easy backyard party is that it’s, well, easy. There typically isn’t a whole lot of planning and coordinating involved, and it is way cheaper than planning a huge destination bachelor or bachelorette bash, so the wedding party doesn’t have to worry about emptying their wallets for yet another wedding expense. Creating a theme, finding fun decorations, setting up outdoor games, and customizing an out-of-the-ordinary barbecue menu can give your celebration the playful, youthful party vibe for which bachelor/bachelorette parties are typically known. If you’re in Toronto, don’t miss Cherry St. BBQ located right beside our Backyard Axe Throwing League location in East Toronto!


It’s hard to so much as turn a corner these days without running into a microbrewery. In addition, craft distilleries and new wineries are popping up everywhere across North America. Whatever adult beverage your locale is known for–embrace it, crawl style. Visit local pubs, breweries, or distilleries, with plenty of carb and water breaks in between. If you will be driving rather than walking, a party bus is probably the safest and most convenient bet. At BATL, we support local breweries be sure to check out Beau’s All Natural Brewing co. in Vanek Hill near BATL Ottawa and Woodhouse Brewing co. located in Toronto, Ontario!


Nostalgia may just be one of the most important ingredients to a successful party. Especially if you have known each other a long time, being a kid again might be one of the best ways to celebrate this next step in your lives. Luckily, summer is also carnival season. Go to a local carnival or arcade. Ride the rides. Lose all of your money at silly games. Eat bags full of cotton candy and popcorn. Just don’t forget to take plenty of pictures in that cramped little photo booth! Don’t miss the Ex at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, right downtown and located near our Backyard Axe Throwing League locations in Toronto, or the Whitby Rib Fest where you can find BATL Pickering hosting outdoor axe throwing with the 360insights.

When put to the task of planning your next bachelor or bachelorette party, remember that times have changed and there are so many ways to celebrate. Use this list for inspiration when planning your outing to the BATL Axe Throwing or another venue, and ensure that your guests will be left with a lasting impression!


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“Because, really, who hurls an axe through the air, watching it splinter

It's well known that the days of traditional bachelor/bachelorette parties are over,

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