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Staff Sundays Meet Julia Flood

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Meet Julia Flood.  Though she just recently left working at the Backyard Axe Throwing League to open her new bar in Toronto [The Greater Good – which boasts local beers, 80s video games and delicious pizza], she’ll always be part of the BATL Family.

Flood is the bright side lurking behind every dark corner of BATL.  Her bubbly charm and snappy wit keeps spirits high, and her nurturing kindness acts as the glue that holds BATL together.  If ever an awkward silence appears, no doubt she will sling one of her many dad jokes at an unsuspecting crowd.  Okay, so her jokes can be kinda bad – but don’t take her too lightly.  She is also known as a fierce axe throwing competitor and has come close to victory many times at our Toronto Sterling league location.

Outside of axe throwing she is a well-known character throughout the city, organizing fundraisers, promoting standup comedy at the Drake Hotel, and an accomplished voice actor to boot.  Thanks for everything that you’ve brought to BATL, Julia. Oh, and happy birthday!   #batlstaffsunday

BATL Floodsie

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