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BATL Staff Sunday with Tiffany

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General Pickering

Throwing axes by moonlight, hitting clutches by daylight, never running from a real fight, meet Tiffany from the Backyard Axe Throwing League’s Pickering location.

Before she started working with BATL, she had no idea that people throwing axes for fun was a thing – she was only looking for another part-time gig, but then saw a job posting online and soon had an interview scheduled … where she managed to somehow cut her finger before it even started, and had to awkwardly ask for a band aid. Classic.

Fast forward nearly a year later, her friendly and easy going attitude makes it all smiles during our private events and Tuesday Black League.  In fact, Tiffany’s now ready to leave the world of retail and sales behind to start running axe throwing events on a regular basis. Hell yeah!  She’s stoked.

Aside from axe throwing, she’s an awkwardly simple soul with a pretty insane tea collection (think Ramona Flowers listing off tea flavours times a hundred) and you can probably find her on PS4, binge watching on Netflix, at a concert or even at a wrestling event. She’s kind of a nerd.  Oh, she’s kind of obsessed with Harry Potter, too.  Yer an axe wizard, Tiffany! #batlstaffsunday

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