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Staff Sunday Featuring Stefan

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Meet Stefan Herda, AKA Skynet – a Scarborough boy through and through.  Both revered and feared, to say he is a polarizing figure around the Backyard Axe Throwing League community is putting it lightly.

Since joining the league in 2012, Stefan has seemingly made it his personal goal to make and subsequently break every axe throwing record possible – even if some of them aren’t even real.  He holds the record of most consecutive bullseyes at 50 (never mind that his final 5 bullseyes were thrown with his left hand) – but if you ask him he’ll probably tell you about the time he hit 69 in a row after work.  He also holds 18 axe throwing league championships to go along with his back to back Champions League titles, and then there was the time he won a Monday night playoff by hitting a big axe clutch…

Stefan approaches everything he does in life the same way – dedication, attention to detail and pride.  He demands the most out of himself, and makes everyone around him better because of it.  His repertoire of excellence goes well beyond axe throwing.  Stefan is also a retired champion paintballer, accomplished fine artist, karaoke enthusiast (his rendition of Macy Gray’s “I Try” will bring tears to your eyes), and he’s got a tennis backhand that would make Andre Agassi quiver.

On top of everything, Stefan is a great sport.  He takes a lot of shit, but he’s number one for a reason and as Omar says: “If you come at the king, you best not miss.”  We love you, Stefan.  Never stop approaching life with wide-eyed enthusiasm.  A champion adapts.   #batlstaffsunday

Stefan BATL

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