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Staff Sunday Featuring Jesse J from Calgary

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Calgary General

Jesse has been a staple in most of BATL Calgary‘s still brief history, and has made a huge splash in the local axe throwing scene. The heart and soul behind Calgary’s after hours trick shots club, he drives others to perfect their throws and is constantly helping cultivate new flair and keeping spirits high with his willingness to help and penchant to inspire.

As a welder and full time gear head, when he’s not destroying targets at the Backyard Axe Throwing League, Jesse’s taking perfectly good trucks and making them much, much shorter. Apparently, he’s so displeased with his 1987 Mazda b2000 that’s he replaced almost every piece of it and effectively built a whole new truck.

In a rare feat around here, Jesse and his beautiful wife have just celebrated their 4th anniversary. Congratulations, Jesse!! #BATLstaffsunday


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