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Staff Sunday with Cap From Ottawa

by Brian Simmons 0 comments

General Ottawa

Meet the other Stefan!  Stefan “Cappuccino” Cavacciuti works out of our BATL Ottawa location. An original axe throwing league member now become staff, it was love at first axe for Cap. His most recent accomplishment was winning the playoff title two nights in a row. Nobody in our Ottawa league is safe with him competing.

He’s known for his shorts, weird socks and yellow bucket of axes. He’s a positive and excitable guy, and it’s always easy to tell when someone in his group hits a Clutch, because he’s the one cheering the loudest. By day he’s an apprentice electrician and by night he can be found eating peanut butter out of the jar and watching Jim Carey movies. He also owns a lot of knives, it’s like…his thing. Ask him about what one he’s carrying today. And why. We love you, Cap! Glad you’re a part of the family #batlstaffsunday


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