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Staff Sunday with Athley from Ottawa

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General Ottawa

Meet Ashley, one of BATL Ottawa’s original staff members. Axe throwing didn’t come naturally for Ashley; it was a love-hate relationship from the get go. She was actually landing the underhand trick shot far before she found her natural throwing technique.

Being a stubborn person and loving a good challenge, she never gave up. Ashley joined the Wednesday Black League and in her first season finished in second place – surprising everyone, especially herself. Her journey is what makes her the highly regard axe throwing coach that she now is today.

When Ashley isn’t leading an event, you can find her behind the bar popping cans to help quench your thirst, and when not at the Backyard Axe Throwing League she can be found at her parent’s hobby farm playing in the dirt with some combination of good music, tacos and/or Caesars. Sounds about right.  #batlstaffsunday

Ashley Ottawa

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