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Pioneering Axe Throwing Trick Shots

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When founder Matt Wilson created the template for the game system we use at the Backyard Axe Throwing League 10 years ago, he likely had no idea how many ways an axe could actually be thrown at a target and still stick.

Like most things, it started small.  Throwing an axe underhand was an obvious one.  Double rotation?  Triple rotation?  No problem!  Years of playing around with different throws have led to the creation of numerous trick shots from both league members and staff members across Canada.  We even have games dedicated to these skilled throwing techniques where our axe throwing league members compete in bi-yearly Skills competitions.

Tricks like these take years to master, but next time you’re at BATL for a private event, ask your coach nicely and they might show you a thing or two!


Trick Shot BATL

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