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National Axe Throwing Championship Standings Announced

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General League

In case you missed it, the Backyard Axe Throwing League recently announced the qualification standings amongst all of its league membership for the 2017 National Axe Throwing Championship – (which can be found on the NATF website!   As they do every year, our weekly leagues have ballooned with ever more members, which means that the rankings include over 200 of our best axe throwers from across Canada.  Check out our Facebook page for more information regarding the qualifying preliminary rounds.

This year’s NATC is taking place in Toronto, Ontario this coming Family Day weekend at BATL’s Toronto East location, which will be the site of both Champions League and the Winter Skills Competition.  Axe Throwing League members from all across Canada and the United States will be competing against one another for the ultimate reward: axe throwing glory.  If you haven’t already, talk to your league runner and sign up today!

NATF Circle

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