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More Social Media Milestones

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You’d be hard-pressed to walk into any BATL venue and not see one (or many) of our guests without a camera of some type in hand, documenting their time axe throwing when visiting us.  The fun, emotion, and camaraderie experienced when spending time with us lends itself very well to documentation – and you can see the evidence on social media feeds from across Canada.

We recently hit 5000 followers on our Instagram account for the Backyard Axe Throwing League (which is the same value as 1000 bullseyes, in case you were wondering) and would  like to thank everyone that has come along for the ride with us.

From original content to sourcing the best photos from our guests, we hope you enjoy looking at our account as much as we enjoy putting it together.  League nights, private events, BATL related art … you name it, we post it.

If you’re not already following us on Instagram, you can do so at http://Instagram.com/batlground/.  And for those of you that are following us already, thanks for the support.  We’re just getting started!

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