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Staff Sunday with Kendra from BATL Calgary

by Brian Simmons 0 comments

Calgary General

Meet Kendra Schembri. She’s a pizza addict and axe throwing enthusiast, working at our BATL Calgary location. If she’s not eating a large pizza to herself or in the forest with her dog, she’s throwing axes.

You’ve probably seen Kendra at the Calgary location near Sunridge Mall since it opened. Anything from axe throwing running leagues, throwing in the Sunday Black league, or rocking double bits with her fellow BATL fam across Canada against Ireland/Portland – she’s there.

Her favourite part about the Backyard Axe Throwing League is the energy it attracts and creates.  How it becomes home for all the odds and ends people all bonding over common ground of axe throwing. If she can make even the slightest difference in your day, she’s happy. Shes’s not just a thrower, not just an employee, but family. #batlstaffsunday


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