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BATL Sunday with Josh

by Diane Stolte 0 comments


It’s time for three truths and one lie about Josh Maloney, one of our beloved employees at the Backyard Axe Throwing League Yorkdale location:

  1. Josh has been set on fire…more than once.
  2. Josh is a trained ninja.
  3. Josh has been interviewed by an orange wearing sunglasses.
  4. In his spare time Josh and his flowing locks pose for romance novel covers.


Josh is a true jack of all trades, and his jokes, Simpsons quotes, Wayne’s World references and numerous impressions are all loved at BATL Yorkdale. He is a great entertainer, an awesome coach, and who can’t get enough of that gorgeous hair? If his career as a stuntman doesn’t pan out, we say that he has an excellent shot at being a hair model. Next time you’re at BATL YD, ask Josh to show you his over-under trick shot, or just have him whip his hair around for you. Either way, it’s a good show.

Thanks, Josh.

BATL Yorkdale Josh

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