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The Backyard Axe Throwing League is proud to feature a profile on each of our amazing staff members on our batlground Instagram account every Sunday.  Here’s our most recent example from this week’s post:

For the few of you that haven’t already, meet Michael Briand.  The first thing that you have to know about Michael is that he is a man of incorrigible wit.  He works at #BATL Toronto, and you can nearly singlehandedly thank him for coming up with the basis for most of the wild axe throwing trick shots that you see these days.

But there is much more to Michael than just axe throwing – an inside job he is not.  He is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, disguised as an intimidating individual and exemplified by a myriad of idioms and narratives.  An avid conspiracy theorist and greasy diner enthusiast, when he’s not gracing our guests with his axe throwing insight and presence you might find him (generously) pouring your drinks behind a bar or tattooing (only good stuff, though).

He often dreams he is a motorcycle, and once he gets his motorcycle license the goal is to take it on a ride across Australia.  His spirit animal is Monster energy drink, and the bad news is that he doesn’t think he’ll ever be rich.  That’s fine, because our love for Michael is unwavering

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