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BATL Staff Sunday Featuring Kelly

by Brian Simmons 0 comments

General Pickering

It’s not a Sunday, but we’d still like you to meet Kelly Moylan. Kelly works and throws at the Backyard Axe Throwing League’s Pickering location, but you can also find him hanging out at Yorkdale throwing in his ‘away’ league.

Coming from a world of software development and university teaching, you can count on him to always be numbering, even when numbers don’t need to be numbered.  Kelly took to the #BATL lifestyle quickly, and the step from obsessive hobby to place of employment came naturally. He dreams to be able to go back-2-back with championship wins like his namesake from the Blue Jays, but scraping by will do for now. When not throwing axes, you can find Kelly out on the Curling rink, screaming just as loud as he does during his axe throwing league nights. Glad to have you in the family, Kelly!

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