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BATL Staff Sunday with Frank

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 Meet Frank, or as everyone around here likes to call him: “Frank.”  Frank is a long time staff member of our BATL Toronto locations and an original league member at BATL Sterling.  A 5-time champion and newest addition to the 81 club, he is just as deadly with an axe as he is in front of a camera (I mean, look at that photo).  He has imparted his axe wisdom upon thousands of guests, and you’d be hard-pressed to find even one of them that wouldn’t call him a real peach.


Frank and Halloween go together like cookies and milk, so it only seemed appropriate to feature him this weekend.  When he doesn’t have an axe in his hand, it’s very that you might find him watching some sort of horror movie…You may even call him a buff.  If he’s not watching something gory, you’ll likely find him playing some variation of game (video or board) while sipping on a beer that you’ve never heard of before (he likes beer so much that he even started a beer trading Facebook group).  Whatever he’s doing, he’s probably got a grin on his face much like in this photo.  We love you, Frank!  #batlstaffsunday
BATL Staff Frank

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