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Bad Axe Hatchet Throwing is a Tradition

The Sport of Axe Throwing Has Been Growing Quickly

For years people have been enjoying the sport of axe throwing across North America.   Many local towns and cities have annual axe throwing competitions, such as Bad Axe, Michigan.  Axe throwing is a passionate pastime for many of those who live in Bad Axe, with the town’s hatchet throwing festival dating back to 2010, with annual coverage provided by local media.

Beyond their hatchet fest, the people of Bad Axe also enjoy weekly leagues and other forms of entertainment throughout the year to celebrate birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties and for corporate events.

Bad Axe isn’t the only city where hatchet and axe throwing lives.  BATL (Backyard Axe Throwing League) has been delivering its own unique interpretation of urban axe throwing in leagues, or for private events such as parties and team building to cities across Canada since 2006.

In the past 10 years we’ve been covered extensively by local, regional and national press, and grown from our original backyard roots to today operating eight locations across Canada, including Calgary, Kitchener-Waterloo, London, Ottawa, Pickering and Toronto.

Take a look at our social media gallery below to see just some examples of the good axe throwing BATL has to offer.

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