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Axe Throwing Talent & Trick Shots

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Staff and league members across all locations of the Backyard Axe Throwing League have put thousands of hours combined into practicing the art of axe throwing while not competing or hard at work.  As you can imagine, this has led to many of them trying out some ridiculously talented and sometimes just plain crazy tricks involving an axe (and in some cases, many axes).

These are all preformed when nobody is around and in the safe and controlled environment that BATL has built its reputation.  We’ve scoured tons of video and dedicated a page to it on our website, where you can check out first hand some of the jaw-dropping axe throwing skills recorded for the masses by members of our community.  Don’t try this at home, or anywhere for that matter.  But believe us, that they’re just as fun to watch.

Check out our skills page and see for yourself!

BATL Skills

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