Axe Throwing Holiday Parties!

Bring Your Party To BATL Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing is one of the most fun things to do for any type of occasion!

Whether you want to try something new and unique or you have some repressed anger to let out, Axe Throwing has exploded into one of the newest pastimes to try. 

Getting your axe to stick is a very satisfying feeling, and competing against friends and family is exhilarating!

Here’s some of the ways you can arrange your next big axe throwing party!



Axe throwing makes for great couples therapy! Whether it’s bringing your significant other or organizing a double/triple date, it’s a great bonding experience in a fun environment bound to make fond memories!

Axe throwing can answer some important relationship questions too: who’s cooking dinner and washing the dishes tonight, or does your partner deserve to sleep on the couch tonight? Regardless, axe throwing makes for a great game night!


What better way to cut cake than releasing your inner lumberjack? Our many BATL Axe Throwing locations can accommodate both small get-togethers and large birthday bashes alike! BATL is proud to have in-house bars as well for all of your alcoholic beverage needs as well!

If you forgot to bring a birthday present, our venues are loaded with some rad merch, and we even offer competitive axe-throwing leagues if your person-of-the-hour ends up loving it!


Obliterate your last days of single life by throwing some axes with friends and family! Axe throwing makes it a great social medium for people in your wedding parties meeting for the first time, and it can start or end your party weekends with a bang leading up to the big day!


It’s the end of a long year of rebuilding your business after covid. Plenty of changes and excitement that makes you want to bring your teams together for some fun connection. For a better classof workplace bonding, axe throwing is sure to inspire, excite  and provide some much needed stress relief! Employees will thank you for a great time away from the cubicle. BATL Axe Throwing is the perfect  destination!    


Christmas is coming! And, it’s time to celebrate together! No matter what your party is for, BATL Axe Throwing is the fun destination you need to liven up the holidays! Dress up in scary halloween costumes or ugly sweaters, no matter what the occasion, Axe throwing is always a great way to party. And, with all of our locations being full liquor licensed, you always get to celebrate your way. 


Regardless of your special occasion, BATL Axe Throwing has a variety of party pack options to best cater to your celebration!

Looking for a casual 1-2 hours of stress relief? BATL Party Packs (4-6 Throwers) and BATL Big Party Packs (7-10 Throwers) will give you all the basics of throwing safely, and let you throw together as a group on your own private lanes.! Planning to drink a little? These packs also include 6-10 drinks on the house for you and your party to indulge in and 1-2 hours of axe throwing! It’s our best value pack with a group flat rate.

Is your group more competitive or looking to recapture the bragging rights among your friends? Our Premium Tournament packs come with a dedicated coach that stays throughout the duration of your event, and they’ll help you run a wickedly fun axe-throwing tournament! You even get to try out throwing a big axe at the end (see our article on Big Axe Throwing for more info)!

Click here to find your nearest BATL Axe Throwing location, and pick the party pack that’s right for you!


Most of our BATL Axe Throwing locations are partnered with local restaurants that can deliver food options for you and your party to enjoy! If you’re picky though, you’re more than welcome to bring your own food with no plating fee!

Our locations also have various drink menus (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) to keep you hydrated and energized!

See the menus for our various locations here.


BATL Axe Throwing has several locations spanning across North America, including the greater Toronto area, Chicago, Nashville, Houston, and many more! Click here to find the location right for you to have a lot of fun with us!

Until next time, be handy with the steel!


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