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Axe Throwing in the Classroom

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A Sociology class at Ryerson University recently discussed BATL as an example of a local sub/ counterculture near Toronto.  Needless to say, a tightly knit culture and community are two things that have been naturally fostered from our backyard roots.

In its beginning, dating back to 2006, the Backyard Axe Throwing League was just that: a group of like-minded people getting together weekly using the axe as a tool to build a community.  This community is now thousands strong, and everyone involved adheres to the same mantra: “be good to each another, or get the fuck out”.  You can feel this positive community vibe radiating through the walls of all our locations, whether you are there for a private axe throwing event, or part of our league.

We’re excited to be spreading this culture as we continue to grow our axe throwing community across Canada, and hope to enrich the lives of many more along the way!

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