Help Keep Everyone Safe 

Safety has always been a priority at BATL.  And during COVID-19 we have implemented procedures to help protect guests and employees. For a list of our venues click BATL VENUE LIST.  We can’t wait to throw with you!


US Venues – COVID Protocols

US venues with government or local health authority mask mandates:

  • Charlotte LoSo
  • Charlotte Plaza Midwood 
  • Chicago
  • Winston-Salem

Local government and health authorities require that masks be worn by both staff and guests at these BATL locations.  Please bring and wear your mask for axe throwing. THANK YOU!


Canadian Venues – COVID Protocols

For our Canadian venues there remain  COVID restrictions and protocols that need to be followed. See below.  We will continue to follow the guidance of government and health authorities in the communities where we operate and will update this page.

COVID protocols below apply to Canadian venues.

****UPDATE: Ontario Proof of Vaccination Regulations**** Please Read

Starting September 22, 2021, all guests coming to Ontario venues will be required to present proof of vaccination and a piece of identification in order to attend their event. You must have received your second vaccine dose 14 days prior to your event date.   Note: a negative COVID-19 test is NOT proof of vaccination.  

Proof of Vaccination

A dose administration/vaccine receipt (digital (email) or paper; includes name, date of vaccination, brand of vaccine)


Piece of ID that has your full name and date of birth. Information on vaccine receipts (and obtaining one) can be found at


If you have a medical exemption you will need to show the medical doctor’s note and your piece of identification.  

Keeping Safe From COVID-19 Outside of BATL

Keeping yourself educated on proper prevention will help keep you informed and safe.

You can get information from the CDC in the US or the Public Health Agency of Canada for Canadians.

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