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Axe Throwing Featured in Cleveland News Herald

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Mark Meszoros, from the Cleveland Herald News has written about his recent visit to the city of Toronto, and the highlight of his trip was an afternoon spent at the Backyard Axe Throwing League.

In the words of Mark, “axe throwing is just one potential element to a sports-themed visit to Canada’s most-populous city and, at 2.7 million folks, the fourth-most-populated in North America”.

Whether for an hourly walk-in session on your own or with another friend, or one of our widely acclaimed private axe throwing events tournaments serving groups of 6 or more people, BATL can offer an axe throwing experience to suit everyone’s tastes, so whether in town for just a few hours or you’re a long-time resident of the City of Toronto, come check us out!  As we love to say, everyone wants to throw an axe, they just don’t know it yet.

BATL The Backyard Axe Throwing League

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