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Customer Management Software

Uniquely Designed to Support Axe Throwing Operations

The Backyard Axe Throwing League is deeply familiar with the need to operate axe throwing locations efficiently.  To address the unique nature of this rapidly expanding sport, we’ve leveraged 10 years of experience to build a software solution to service its nuanced needs.  Recently, we’ve applied our expertise and over 5,000 hours of coding to develop a proprietary system specifically engineered to service axe throwing operations.

We now offer access to our unique web based solution on a monthly subscription basis, and rely on this same infastructure to manage our own locations servicing in excess of 100,000 customers per year.

Summary Features and Functionality

  1. Online booking for multiple group sizes
  2. Back-end event management
  3. Electronic waivering
  4. Data export
  5. Customer profile & notes
  6. Location availability configuration
  7. Custom account permissions
  8. Player profiles & statistics
  9. Scoring
  10. League management
Booking Shot

If interested in learning more about our Customer Management Software, including live demonstration of its event booking, scoring and axe throwing league management capabilities please Contact Us.