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Another Axe Throwing Record Broken

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General League Toronto

All sports have records that seem untouchable:  50 goals in 50 games, 56 game hitting streak, 50.4 points per game seasonal average,  and we have a few of our own.

On October 20, Stefan Herda of our Toronto axe throwing league scored 50 consecutive bulls eyes in a row.  The former record was 48, held by Rob Stuntman Morra and Stefan.  To make this achievement even more impressive, Stefan threw his final 5 bulls with his non-dominant hand.

As Canada’s premier axe throwing league, BATL holds several notable records.  Here’s one more example:  in August, Rob Stuntman Morra broke his previous record of 60 Perfect games with 66 Perfect games in a single season, which he achieved during Week 7 of Tuesday Sterling.   We’ll be sharing more of our top records in the coming weeks.

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